From Toronto to Athens - stories from Sharon and Jasmine's internship at Covve

Alex Protogerellis in Team on 27 Jun.

From Toronto to Athens - stories from Sharon and Jasmine's internship at Covve

Last Friday marked the end of the internship for Jasmine and Sharon. They joined us all the way from the University of Toronto, Canada through the AIESEC program. In two short months they got immersed not only in Greek culture but also what it means to be part of a startup.

They were both given challenging and meaningful roles in the team and now that its all over I’m pleased to say they both delivered exceptionally, or, in our CEO’s words “This is excellent! This is results!”.

Jasmine: Feasibility study, analysis and prototype

“News” is one of our most challenging and most promising projects. It has been brewing in our heads for a while now and has already proven some significant appetite from our business users. It is envisaged to be a key part of Referrals (more on this later!). The only question left was… “is this achievable?”.

This was Jasmine’s challenge. To take the high level brief for this new feature, explore far and wide for possible options and progressively narrow the options into a suggested solution and, finally, a proof of concept of the solution. The work involved a steep learning curve, some hardcore Excel analysis skills and a lot of creativity.

The result was worth it though - the final presentation to our CEO was a resounding success and the “News” feature has been added to the roadmap and is on its way to becoming a reality.

And here’s a short summary of her experiences in Jasmine’s own words: “As a business intern for Covve, I got the opportunity to research and test a new feature for the address book app. The feature project had taught me many skills and helped me grow as a business professional. The company provided me with great flexibility on what I could do with the feature project and were always open to new ideas. The management team was very motivating and highly interactive at every stage of my internship. Overall, the company culture is commendable; everyone on the team was very friendly and are passionate about their work. The past two months with Covve in Athens Greece have been incredible and I will be continuing my journey with the company through their app!”


Sharon: Sales strategy, content creation and lead generation

Recently, growth is one of the top priorities here at Covve. From CPC to PR to partnerships and sales - the growth agenda is extensive and varied. Sharon was placed right in the middle of it all with a multitude of growth-related roles.

She led the formulation of our strategy for partnering with Universities and then made it a reality through a dozen tangible contacts with high profile target universities.

As if that wasn’t a full time job in its own right she also undertook content creation (an important tool in the growth arsenal of any startup) and lead generation.

Working closely with Covve’s head of Customer Success, Sharon was able in a short two months to take our growth activities to the next level.

And here’s a short summary of her experiences in Sharon’s own words: “Coming to Athens and joining Covve was probably one of the most adventurous, yet rewarding experience I’ve had so far. The second day after I arrived Athens, I was welcomed in Covve’s office with loads of handshakes (and frappe), didn’t know what was ahead and what to expect. However, 8 weeks have really passed in a blink of an eye, and this 8-week internship with Covve has really allowed me to learn the practical side of a growing business, as well as take ownership of my own project, and most importantly, to work with a group of amazing and passionate people. It is a safe place to ask questions, attempt new things, give my perspectives, and voice my thoughts. Thank you Covve for all the amazing opportunities and support, and it’s been a blast!”