Growth hacking hackathon

Alex Protogerellis in Team on 06 Nov.

Growth hacking hackathon

Getting the entire team together is always great. Getting the team together for a hackathon under the pine trees and next to the sea in lovely Chalkida is just perfect. The theme of the 48-hour hackathon was “Growth Hacking” and featured over 40 brilliant ideas, 4 of which became a reality, wood smoked boston butt, team-made pizzas, drones and just the right balance of coffee and beer.

A short overview of the event

Covve hackathon 2017 from Covve on Vimeo.

How exposed are you…

For a sample of just one of the projects delivered during the hackathon check out This microsite brings a touch of Covve’s improvements engine to bear on a question that interests most of us these days… “how exposed is my private information on the internet”.