Cross platform engineering - Lessons learnt

Alex Protogerellis in Engineering on 22 Mar.

Cross platform engineering - Lessons learnt

Cross platform technologies have changed considerably. Should you even write an app using one of them in 2018? What tooling, processes and best practices can’t you live without? Which problems will you face and how will you overcome them? How would you organize your team and project? Join us as we share valuable lessons from the last two years of engineering the Covve Ionic/Angular cross platform app.

Covve’s cross-platform app has been one of our most significant projects of the last couple of years. It has involved significant investment in some exciting cutting (and, at times, bleeding) edge technologies and a very steep learning curve. The end result has been well worth the time and effort - Covve’s app now runs on a single codebase across both iPhone and Android and built to last using all the best practices, continuous integration and focus on testing that the rest of the service has been built on.

Join Valandis and Michael, two core members of the cross platform team as they present at London’s Javascript meetup and walk us through our journey in cross platform engineering and our real-life lessons learnt in building a sophisticated and robust Ionic, Angular and Cordova app.

Or, check out “Covve vs Covve”, a blow by blow comparison of Covve’s app implemented in iPhone native vs Cross platform: